About me, or why am I blogging?

Because I enjoy writing, I’ve been thinking about starting a blog for a long time, but couldn’t think of many interesting things to write about in my daily life as a suburban housewife. While my days may seem to consist of uninteresting minutiae, I suppose that over time, raising three challenging sons (and an equally challenging husband…whom I still haven’t succeeded in molding, yet, in more than 30 years of marriage), there are many stories to be told. Now that these events are beginning to fade from memory, I wish I’d captured them as they occurred, when the details were clearer. Perhaps I’ll try to reconstruct a few of these moments on slow days. Meanwhile, our recent Road Scholars trip, during which we bicycled in Quebec province and northern Vermont, has inspired me to begin the blog at last.

The first order of business is naming the blog. One of my sons suggested Mom’s Worry Blog, because from his perspective, all I do is worry about my children and try to manage their lives. He said I need to find another hobby.

My blog doesn’t have a subject theme (a la Julie Powell’s blog, The Julie/Julia Project, detailing her efforts to master every one of Julia Child’s recipes in The Art of French Cooking).  I need something with an unspecific focus that will cover not just events in my life, but whatever musings I may have on any given subject that pops into my head. I was thinking of Welcome To My World, but that may be just as dull and predictable as my children think I am, so I suppose that’s appropriate. Or maybe I should simply name it with the phrase I used to describe it above, Unspecific Focus. I can’t deny that this title would be an accurate reflection of the environment inside my head most of the time. I could spend ages and ages trying to come up with the perfect, catchy title, but I just don’t want to delay any longer. People have come up with such clever names for their blogs! Alas, this will have to do for now. I wonder, if a perfect title comes to mind (or is suggested to me) later on, can one change the title of a blog once it’s established? I am embarrassed to say that I am only barely able to navigate my way around the features of this site. Setting up this blog was quite a learning curve!

I have a sneaking suspicion that this blog will wind up focusing more on my travels, since that is when the interesting stuff happens. But I don’t want to commit to that just yet, so I’ll leave it open-ended and vague. And I want to try to remain as anonymous as possible at this point…so I’ll limit my content to first names and vague references to location, other than travel related posts. So any of my dear friends and acquaintances who are reading this and who know who I am, please do not make any comments divulging my identity.
Thanks for your patience with my fumbling efforts in this venture, and thanks for reading!

2 Responses to “About me, or why am I blogging?”

  1. Love the blog and the title!

  2. Thanks Ann! It’s the first time I’ve signed on to my blog in 3 years…thanks to you!

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